Drupal is the open source solution for so many of today’s digital enterprise challenges. It can do almost anything if you have the expertise to make it happen. At Momentum, we have the Drupal capabilities to create powerful web, mobile and intranet experiences.

We Drupal every day for some of the biggest organizations in categories like Enterprise, Government, Not-for-Profit, and Brand.

We are the Drupal Community

Our team lives Drupal every day. We’re committed to engaging with the global Drupal community to continually evolve this innovative platform. We never miss the annual North American DrupalCon and our experts are regular contributors to Drupal.org.

Our in-house Drupal experts, designers, UI/UX specialists and developers are just some of the highly skilled team members who round out our dedicated talent.

So no matter what your needs are, see how your Drupal can work for you.

Drupal Marketer

Attracting and engaging today’s digital customer takes more than a fancy website. It demands cutting-edge marketing solutions that are scalable, customizable and always on-target. Need a Drupal solution to meet your marketing objectives? Yes, we can do that.

We Create Marketing.

We’re marketers too and know what you need from Drupal to engage your audience and turn visitors into customers:

  • Strategies to drive online traffic to your company website.
  • Conversion rate tracking to continually improve your site.
  • Developing & managing digital marketing campaigns.
  • Utilizing Paid Search, SEO and PPC and more.
  • Social media strategy management.
  • Building brand awareness through online brand & product campaigns.
  • Timely website redesigns & updates.
  • Continual website usability, design, content & conversion enhancement.
  • Planning & budgetary oversight of all digital marketing programs.
  • Evaluating customer research, industry performance & competitor data.

Drupal Marketer Services

Drupal Responsive Site Design

We take your digital marketing seriously. From content rendering to generation, we deliver fast, efficiently and always with accuracy.

Customized Administrative Dashboard

We know Drupal’s administrative interface can overwhelm the savviest marketer, but with our custom dashboard, you focus on what matters most.

Email Marketing

With Mailchimp integration and other 3rd party mailing services, you can seamlessly create newsletters and more.

Reusable Theme Creation

Our theme inheritance capability offers multiple sub-theme variations and maintains style guide consistency.

Quick Seasonal Theme Adaption

You want your website to be timely and relevant for your customers. Our reusable theme development offers quick turnaround so it’s always in season.

Custom Theme Development

We can ensure any marketing execution balances your unique message with brand consistency.

Custom Module Development

We understand the complexities of module development and know when to use contributed modules or create customized alternatives. Our Drupal experts save you time and money because our solutions work to minimize this process.

Content Migration

Migrate your content from anywhere to Drupal.

Social Media Integration

Our Drupal experts can quickly integrate social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ with your site. We manage your social media profile information, plug-in widgets and much more.

Integrating Marketing Automation

We’ll help you use a custom module for easy integration into a Drupal website.


Ubercart and Drupal Commerce capabilities to build your online business.

Drupal Technologist

You need Drupal experts who speak your language. From module management to technology governance, we know the demanding requirements you face as a 21st century IT professional. Let our experts work with yours.

We Know Technology.

Our team of Drupal technical experts knows what your team of IT experts need to do in today’s hyper-demanding digital world:

  • Plan and execute the selection, installation, configuration, and testing of server hardware, software, and operating and system management systems.
  • Define system and operational policies and procedures.
  • System requirements for installing upgrades, monitoring system performance and more.
  • Applying system updates, patches, and configuration changes.
  • Establish Web system specifications via access, information & security needs analysis.
  • System infrastructure design.
  • Implement & integrate new technologies into existing systems.
  • Maintain web system performance via system monitoring & analysis, and performance tuning.
  • Secure System Management
    1. System access, monitoring, control, and evaluation.
    2. Establish & test disaster recovery policies & procedures, back-ups, documentation maintenance.
  • Communicate with vendors to upgrade web system including development, testing, evaluation and installation of new software.
  • Perform routine audits of systems and software.
  • Operating system patches & configuration changes.
  • User account information & password management.
  • New hardware/software installation & configuration.
  • System configuration documentation.
  • File system configuration.

Drupal Technologist Services

Technology Governance
Security Assessment & Monitoring
Drupal-ized Hosting And Managed Virtualized Environments

Enterprise Architectural Planning
Drupal Prototyping
Drupal Major Version Upgrade Planning & Implementation Services

Drupal Migration & Maintenance
3rd Party Integrations
Workflow Automation & Customization

Performance Tuning – with the power of Varnish, Memcache, APC, and Boost Module, we can increase your Drupal performance.
Apache Solr and Drupal site search integration
Entity API development

Drupal Communicator

A company’s internal platform can be one of its most powerful means of communication. It is the hub where employees, managers and suppliers go to review new initiatives, enhance knowledge & skills and share workload. With the right expertise, Drupal can be a powerful tool in broadening your business’s cross-communication. We have that expertise.

We Enhance Communication.

At Momentum, we know your company’s internal communications have to be rock solid. We have the Drupal expertise to enhance and maintain vital informational workflow:

  • Responsive Architecture & Development
    1. Manage & maintain information architecture of intranet and extranets.
    2. Intranet enhancement project management.
  • Manage and deploy upgrades and updates.
  • New tools development & management to improve intranet-based workflow – includes 3rd party integration.
  • Intranet and extranets content management.
  • Document libraries maintenance.
  • Monitor user-generated content, site analytics and reporting.
  • User training.

Drupal Communicator Services

Portals, Intranets and Extranets
Workflow Automation & Customization
3rd Party Integrations

Responsive Architecture and development
Document Library
Collaboration tools

Integrated search
Agile development
Drupal Migration & Maintenance

Get your Drupal going. Contact us.

Momentum can offer you a Drupal-based solution to fit your needs and your budget. Let us elevate your technology to be even more nimble, flexible and always at enterprise grade.


Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Momentum Digital Solutions Inc., an OnX company, develops actionable digital strategies and experiences for enterprise clients worldwide. Embracing our technical heritage, we create digital experiences that better connect with customers and workforce, and develop programs that empower businesses to make smarter decisions regarding their digital investments.

We aim to deliver an exceptional digital experience. Our strategists, technologists, designers and writers make it their business to get inside your business. We create and implement experiences and technologies that kick-start the conversation, keep consumers engaged, and gain momentum in a fast-paced world.

About OnX Enterprise Solutions

OnX Enterprise Solutions is a leading global provider of technology services and solutions. The company assesses, designs, builds, secures and manages complete technology environments with specific expertise in Next-Gen Data Center & Hybrid Cloud, IT-as-a-Service, Information Management & Analytics, and Digital & User Experience. For more than 30 years, OnX has helped clients achieve exceptional business results that accelerate their growth and value. OnX’s team of more than 600 IT professionals work at OnX offices throughout North America and in the U.K., with global headquarters in Toronto, Canada, and U.S. headquarters in New York, N.Y. For more information about OnX, visit www.OnX.com.


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